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"Love, Punky"

"It's not surprising that Hopkins, a former stand-up comic, is the stand-out member of the cast, though Michelle Sims has a great laconic, no-nonsense, defiant presences as Rosie (Mom.) A story that overall is really well put together and paced. Others will admire the broad palette of emotions it evokes."

"Author Robin Hopkins has written a sharp and at times witty script... She also plays Jess with just the right amont of resigned detachment and sarcasm."



"In Search Of Tulla Berman"

"Hopkins hits on great riffs and paralyzes her audience with laughter. Wihtout warneing she is transformed to dynamic comic genius."

Winnipeg Free Press

"New York-based standup comic Robin Hopkins proves to be a gifted mimic as she rewinds a semi-autobiographical tale of a quest for perfect romance... Her universal themes appeal to a broad audience. Funny as hell, too."

The Winnipeg Sun

"It is fun to follow Robin Hopkins as she bumbles nervously through the confusing world of dating. Feeling the pressure to settle down, unhappy being single, and deseprately searching. Her story is not unlike that of many others. It is easy to relate to and it is fun to get caught up poking fun at the neurotic side of dating. Worth checking out."

101.5 UMFM


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